Who Killed Joshua Brown?

Well look at me here; "blogging" again. I wouldn't exactly call it that but I will say that I love the fact that when I have something to say, I don't have to hassle through recording a podcast episode, edit it, then publish it; potentially losing the will to even want to get my two cents out, I can just come to MY site and "journal".

So what brought me here today, interrupting my coffee time? The Joshua Brown fiasca. I can not wrap my head around this developing story. None of it is making any logical sense to me; not one bit. Here is where I am; a few days ago I made a post about the killing of Joshua Brown being retaliation.

In that post I mentioned the fact of how Joshua Brown was killed. The manner of which it was reported sounded like an assassination. He was "shot in the mouth and chest" while in or near his vehicle. Ambushed? I'm not sure of all the details; but in my opinion; Joshua Brown knew WHY and WHO killed him.

Why he was killed is what is so mind-boggling.

Here is what doesn't make any sense to me... How was a victim to another shooting, who could have potentially been a key-witness to ANOTHER murder, that took place AFTER Botham Jean; Flashed in paraded on national news as a "Key witness" in a high-profile murder trial? A high profile murder trial that involved a "White-cop" killing a "black man" at that. I mean you would expect for his identity to be withheld and protected as the jurors who decide on the case have theirs'; especially given the fact that the suspect of the prior shooting was out on bond while this trial was taking place.

Allegedly there was a shooting that took place in November of 2018 at a stripclub in Dallas Texas. Joshua Brown, and three other men were at a strip club. Joshua Brown, Kendall Morris, Nicholas ShaQuan Diggs and an unidentified "suspect" were all partying together at this Strip club. The three men set out together that night and somehow met up Joshua at a different club, later that night. Joshua and one of the men got into an argument. The guy that Joshua had the dispute with invited him outside to fight. The group proceeded outdoors and as warranted, a fight broke out. After the fight, one of the men went to the car to retrieve a handgun. The guy who went to the car to get this handgun is the "Suspect" in the case, Kendall Morris. Kendall allegedly retrieve a gun from his car and handed it to his friend who then turned to proceed and shoot Joshua Brown, leaving him with non-life-threatening injuries but killing Joshua's friend, the other party of the four men crew; Nicholas Sha'quan Diggs.

Kendall Morris was apprehended in December, held on bond and released. The other suspect(the alleged shooter) is still at large. There were reports that stated Joshua mentioned to close family that his was in fear of the "people who shot him"; seeing him during this trial and "finishing" what they attempted to do that November night. A night that was about celebrating, that quickly turned into a fight for his life. Joshua Brown knew what it was like to experience gun violence, and that it what motivated him to get Justice for his neighbor Botham Jean.

If you're still reading this you're searching for answers that I just don't have at this moment but I will continue digging until I find something. It's a very sad ordeal and I don't want to be premature in saying it sounds a little Nipsey-ish to me. I'm really just saying. Even if you were to believe it was retaliation from someone who had affiliation with Amber, why would they get their hands dirty when they have a dummy with a motive, gullible enough to do it for you? This did all take place in the same state of Texas, they do it "big" there right? I still believe Joshua Brown's death was the result of some form of retaliation. I'm sure you've heard the saying before "Kill two birds with one stone."

Source: https://www.dallasnews.com/news/crime/2018/12/13/man-arrested-in-fatal-shooting-outside-dallas-strip-club-after-thanksgiving/

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