Dominique Nicole

~ Alpha Queen

A Blogging, Podcaster Queen With Dope Vibes

So yeah; How did we end up here lol. 

I'm not a blogger or a writer; I simply relay my experiences and perspectives through words. 

 My hardships and struggles helped create the solid person that I stand to b; multi-dimensional, misunderstood and quite an energetic force to interact with. My intentions are to help those applicable to my energy, in whichever way that may be; learn to cope with the wounds they carry and how to channel pain and darkness into light and dope energy. I;m truly just a Podcaster with so much to say; I had to find another way which led me to blogging. When I'm not on air; I'm online. After having my very first article to ever be published; Yes, I'm Conceited And My Ego Has A Reason Featured on Contena.co, my confidence shot through the roof lol. Two more featured articles later; I begin to take Perspectives of The Throne serious. I created a space to share a different perspective on every day issues we face on our journey's throughout life. Whether good,bad or indifferent; we all could use a different perspective of things from time to time. 

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